The Map

This is our open source map of the world. What’s the idea? Well by getting an alliance of photographers, film makers and surfers together, we are creating the ultimate resource of what’s really going on out there on the beaches, reefs and islets of the planet. Stats are one thing, seeing beach cleans are another but seeing the world as it really is is the most powerful communicator when it comes to plastic, or any kind of pollution. We see all these incredible shots through Instagram etc. of our favourite photographers, and they are the guys on the front line everyday, they see the remotest bits of the world and we’re getting them to shoot it, warts and all.

So if you’re in a class in Beijing you can check it out, or Iceland, London, Biarittz or LA, educating the planet on the problem, so we can start thinking about solutions.

We want to reach as many people as we can with this, and you’ll see it grow massively over the next few days and weeks, if you’d like to send pics – – we cant allow people to post as we have to vet them for schools (plus we don’t want to give away any secret spots by accident), and over the next week we will just be tweaking. as well.