The Film

When we started this was a purely photographic project, I was to tour with a slideshow and talk to as many people as physically possible. To try and bring to the attention of as many non ocean users as possible, the spectre of marine litter and how it is affecting even the remotest of coastlines. To do this we use the medium of adventure and surfing, it’s the hook to get everyone to really care about our environment, because if you don’t care about something, why would you try and protect it.

The Plastic Project – Part One from Tim Nunn Photography on Vimeo.

Plastic Project Teaser from Tim Nunn Photography on Vimeo.

However, to reach even more people, we decided to make a film. Although I come from a  background as a cameraman, we have Mike Cunliffe on board, a man with a pedigree for making both beautiful and insightful documentaries for BBC, Nat Geo, Channel Four and ITV to name a few. We have already filmed in Norway and Scotland and now are spending the next five months in Cornwall, Ireland, Shetland, Faroes, Iceland, Greenland and Svalbard seeing just how far this problem has reached, what we can do about it, and what damage it is doing. We’ll have a full trailer out shortly.

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