Surfdome is committed to using its influence to inspire; inspire ourselves in what we can achieve, inspire our industry, inspire our customers and inspire our audience – who all rely on the ocean for fun, for work .. in fact for our very survival. Our oceans are under more pressure than ever before, the mass of plastic that is churned out and dumped in the oceans is throttling the life out of them.

We want to highlight the plastic pandemic, we are supporting The Plastic Project so that the story can be told through Tim’s travels.

We want to empower everyone with the knowledge that they have a part to play in the solution. Not only by reducing the amount of single-use plastic that we buy, but also by getting out there and carrying out our very own 2 Minute Beach Cleans on every trip to the beach, coastline and waterway.

We are inspired to stem the flow of plastic from our own operations reducing single-use plastic wherever we can. So far 19 tonnes have been removed and we want to influence our industry to do the same.

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Over the last year, we have highlighted all the plastic flowing through our business, like adding dye to water flow we have been able to assess key areas of improvement. Although we have been removing, replacing and changing how we handle plastic, it’s an ongoing process and we aren’t quite done just yet. In Europe, we have switched our plastic mailing bags to 100% recycled cardboard, replaced plastic tape for biodegradable recyclable gum tape and ditched plastic bubble wrap in place of 100% recycled paper in 90% of situations. We’ve also printed the #2MinuteBeachClean logo on all the boxes, to encourage all our customers to get out there and do just that!


So about the 2 Minute Beach Clean! We have been extremely proud to support the operation from its early days. The project was started by surfer and writer Martin Dorey, following the Hercules storm of 2014. The aim is simple; everyone takes 2 minutes on their visit to the beach to grab some marine litter, take a photo and tag it on social media.

We have been supporting the 2 minute beach clean in as many ways as we can. To name one; we supported signage that has been placed on beaches across the UK and Ireland, which have helped achieve almost 60% reduction in marine litter on their designated beaches.

Why are we behind the 2 Minute Beach Clean? Well, it’s quite simple really – because we want to be part of Martin’s vision to change beach culture, to make looking after the beach a part of every visit.

We believe that if everyone gets stuck in, we can beat the plastic tide. We strive to be an example of how, with the right application, we can stem the flow of plastic and encourage others to do the same. Next time you’re out on the beach, help take care of it, as Martin says, ‘2 minutes at a time!’