We’ve had a lot of backing in different forms over the last three years, and whilst the majority of this has been personally funded, without these guys it would be a whole lot more difficult. As we head into the most exciting part of this project they all play a really important role so please check them out. You can get a taste of the project here in the intro video. If you’d like to support us as a company or as an individual drop us a line or click HERE. The project will take us now from Antarctica – The Falklands – Ascension – Morocco – France – England – Ireland – Scotland – Faroes – Iceland – Greenland – Norway – Russia (visas pending) – Svalbard.

The Plastic Project – Part One from Tim Nunn Photography on Vimeo.

Headline Sponsor


SURFDOME: Surfdome and The SurfStitch group have been the main backers of the project in the last year and will be the main backers right through to the film premier in March. Surfdome are incredible advocates for sustainability and also support the 2 Minute Beachclean.


Hoax are a core surf and skate brand with a passion for the environment. As well as being full partners they are also making a colab water bottle to help the project. Check out their site for more – www.hoax1994.com



Passenger: With a similar adventurous spirit it’s great to have the guys at Passenger helping us.



We’ve been working with the guys at Northcore gear wise for several years now, so stoked to have them onboard to help with the project, hit the link to find out more.

J175 Coaster Update_NO_BLEED.indd

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee: Jimmy has backed us all the way through this project, and is not only inspirational, but is also helping hugely by supporting our educational tours to schools.

Mutiny Logo Without Strike (1)

Stoked to have these guys involved, saving us in the most stylish way from plastic disposable nightmare, click the logo to check them out.


Vertical Descent/Newquay Watersports: These guys have been friends of the project right from the start and have supported us all the way. We’re looking forward to taking a talk and film to them in a couple of months.

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Dry Robe: Gideon and the crew at DryRobe were the second company to sponsor the project three years ago and have continued to support us all the way through with their unwavering love for the environment.


Rapanui : We’ve been friends with the crew from the Isle of Wight for years and with their ethical stance it is only natural they would be big supporters of the project


Tenzing: Focused on creating a natural energy drink, all packaged in a 100% recycled can, it’s a perfect match, hit the link to find out so much more.




Gear Sponsors

Fanatic – GoPro – Patagonia – Osprey Rucksacs – Heimplanet Tents – Lunasurf

Past Sponsors Who Have Massively Helped over the last three years

 Finisterre – The Wave

All The Individuals, these people have all donated from £5 – £100 to help with the costs of doing talks at clubs, schools, universities and festivals.

Nicki O’Neill  Martin Reynolds Andreas Mueller Dominik Roth Sebastian Piech Noah Lane P D O’Neill Russell McAlpine Bethan Owens Scott Dure mark glendinning Yohan Ducès Isobel Bruun Philip Smith Simon Partridge Phil Lane Conor Lee Jonathan Goodchild Arabella Beveridge Jules Martindale Rachel Musson rachel Yates Lucie Millar Niall Manson Justin Day Anthony Butler Miss kgv Hoskin chris bennett Ben Kelly Simon Buck Jess Bone Alexander Callister Lewis Lilburn Philip Staley Toby Reynolds Ryan Forgie Alicia Chedgy jon brookes James Whatling Lucie Byrne Dave Lamacraft Nicki O’Neill Vytas Huth Hamish Lawson Kate Lang Rosemary Nunn Tom Beldam Rosalind Gomersall James Brennan Ester Spears Amanda Lake Martyn Walsh David Scorer Dalia Goodman Robert Gillies Bianca Yu Carrie Ingram Hannah Woolnough Sam Moxley James Bowden tom Wagg Andrew Pringle Michael Faby Thomas Beaton Andrew Wilsdon Stewart MacKellar John Place Duncan Cruse Gary Beardsley nicholas robert Matt Hay Ignacio Polo Daniel Landau Janine Avery david crampton Phil Dowling Dan Watson Will Dixon Jon Evans Rob Mckee Paul Corrigan Roy Rockliffe P D O’Neill Warren Pitt Sharon Jones richard mcgonigal richard lynch Sven Kares Leo McCrea Benjamin Smith Joe Charlesworth Christopher Nelson Mark Roberts Katia Vastiau Patrick Cummins Dominic Jackson Christopher Saunders Duncan McLachlan Alexander Gorbachev Rachel Laurenson Anna Le Cozannet Sarah Brockhoff N W Dennis CRAIG JONES Jim Sutton Robert Sherwood Simon Bulcock Roger Cox Dylan Fogarty-MacDonald David Lawrie Rob McKee Danielle Agaloos Fionan Cronin Kirstie Deane Paul Gibbard Tony Hunt Adam Miller steve rowe Andy Driver Phoebe Strachan sam buckle Chris Gibbs Matthew Leigh william bankes-jones Matthew Golisti Graeme Ferris Sean Smyth Cheryl Vibert mike holland leslie brooks Lauren Evans adrian savio James Bligh Dan Ings James Mcmahon Sam Longmire Stephen Murphy Josh Bovill Chris Noble daniel Hunter Kenny Naish Stephen Griffiths Ros Ryman TIMOTHY PADGETT James O’Neill charlotte sams Josh Walker Olly Sharpe Tim Borrows Hallgeir Skretting enoksen Giles Watson Sean Nightingale Craig Hyde Paul Hill jack Sheath jez goffin Adam Hall Richard Buzzacott adam groat Tom Aspbury Vicki Ennis Stevie Campbell Ian Freemantle Andrew Whatty Tom Van Eker Dan Bromsgrove Sion Roberts ado Shorland Maggi Noke Rosalind ryman James Penwarden Lauren Davies Jon Bateman Gregor Campbell Jim Birtwisle Bruce Sutherland paul stride-noble Peter Adams Dominik Wilmsen Mike Lewis Eleanor smith Jennifer Herrick Rich watson Scott Gay Chris Greenwood Chris Riddell Paul Connell Paul Roberts Richard Gillen Graeme Ferris Dave Cookson Nathan Pointer alan bennett Murray Smith Samuel Almond TRISTAN HALL Emily Stokes Howard Davey Lucy Devall Stuart Thompson Chris Weston Stephen Hillier Ross Frampton Reuben Tabner Alex Gilroy alistair pridmore Richard Buzzacott Daniel Crockett Chris McClean Colin Robinson Aaron Dinham Nick Hounsfield Mike Steele Maia Thorne Joshua Lee Fraser Elliot Mike Guest rob Tibbles Cameron Cattell Beki Pope Nick Newton Williams Mat Spencer Chris Daly Iain D Shipley Lewis Harrison-Pinder Matthew Barr David O’Sullivan Christopher Bennet Katie O’Brien chris clarke Yvonne Huddart Gemma Whitford Huw Beynon clayton fox Benjamin Smith Jon Vernon Jasmine Hughes Richard James Sally Harris Jessica Paterson Robin Hoskyns Janet Laguire