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Micah Lester in Norway on the cover of issue one
Conor Maguire on the cover of volume two in Ireland

There is three ways you can help support the plastic project –

  1. Buy a book, we are doing five books which will make up a box set. The first volume has shipped the first batch, the second is just about to retunr from print (mid August) Volume two will now start shipping at the start of September.
  2. Donate a pound, that’s all we ask, just a pound to help us reach as many schools as possible.
  3. We have teamed with the guys at Rapanui and have some limited organic edition t-shirts and bags which you can order through their TeeMill system. Everything is printed and dispatched to order.

All the profits go to helping us reach schools and groups, and produce films and resources using surfing and the environment. Non of it goes into travel, we fund this by working alongside the project as we travel. So please help, and we can reverse the end of our oceans due to plastic.

Order a Book Here –


Volume One – Norway/France/Scotland


Volume Two – Ireland/England/Iceland


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So why donate to this not for profit? Well we believe and have proved that using surfing and adventure to positively influence people into taking care of their environment works. We are not a traditional pressure group, we harness the power of imagery and stories to inspire people who would otherwise not be reached. Our mission is to take the environmental nightmare that is marine litter to people who aren’t aware of the problem, and who are more often than not turned off by traditional methods. So using exciting film, photos and talks we get the interested to start making changes int heir lives.

Every penny goes into our educational project, getting the message out directly through schools, or making resources available for use free online. We want to give back to you guys as well, with journals, and free access to films and discount codes to some of our partners as well. What it doesn’t go on is travel, we use money from the sales of photographs that Tim makes to magazines, and commercial sponsors. What it does mean is we can get to do more talks and workshops.

Thankyou, if you can just donate a pound it makes a difference.



You can also grab a tee or bag below as well.