Roger Sharp

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In Europe Roger, or Sharpy as he is really known, needs little introduction. He has been a cornerstone of European photography, editorial and now filmmaking in surfing. He has edited Surf Europe, had shots published in every mag on the planet surfing wise that is worth being in, and now he is the editor of Carve Magazine in the UK.

He also has a solid grounding (excuse the pun) in all things science being a Geology boffin, in fact if it wasn’t for a love of the waves he would undoubtedly now hold a doctorate in some obscure form of rock science. Fortunately for the surf world and us he is fastidious when it comes to detailing the world of surfing as he was when it came to Igneous Petrology.

Roger not only shoots and writes but he is also now a very good film maker and it is with him on a number of trips that we have been able to make a couple of shorts, like the one below of team O’Neill cleaning up a beach in Scotland. The Persistence Of Hope is the corresponding surf film he made alongside it, which we also shot the stills with.

O’Neill Beachclean from The Plastic Project on Vimeo.

The Persistence of Hope from Sharpy on Vimeo.