Plastic and Global Warming

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We’ve been here before, but as stronger hurricanes make landfall, more extreme weather causes floods and fires on a continually regular basis, we have to keep coming back to this – We can’t talk about climate change and not talk about plastic.

Here’s the facts – plastic is refined from oil, the refining processes creates greenhouse gases. The demand for plastic has also helped prop up the oil industry to some extent whilst demand for fuel wavers, thus they keep pumping it out fo the ground. Plastic is a greenhouse effect driver, there is no way round it.

The other end is no better either, no matter how you dispose of plastic, it gives off greenhouse gases. Burn it uncontrollably (without a filter on a stack) and you’re pumping all sorts of tase into the atmosphere, let it decay naturally (over thousands of years) and it slowly gives off C02 as it painfully breaks down.

You see plastic isn’t just a visual, economic and ecological disaster, it’s also a major factor in our warming planet. Just another reason to cut it out.

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