Our Friends – Part One – The Bamboo Brush Society

We are going to be looking at all the brands that have helped us in the past ten years to get to where we are. Starting off The Bamboo Brush society.


I still can’t believe how many toothbrushes we find on our beaches, it’s second only to bottle tops and bottles, I am astounded as to why so many end up in the water. I appreciate that these are items we are more likely to throw away than recycle but it’s just amazing how many end up in the sea. But when you break it down it’s not so odd. They almost always end up in landfill as a pose to recycling, they are also highly mobile, easy to slip off a dump, into a waterway and out to see. So they are an item which needs to be replaced, not recycled, and thats where Bamboo comes in. They are hygienic, strong and have the same benefits of a regular toothbrush, they cost in the same price range, and at the end, after the average lifespan of a toothbrush, which is just 3 months, you have something which has as minimal impact as possible.


Here’s their story, and seriously switch to Bamboo, billions of toothbrushes are used and thrown every year…

“A sunset stroll on one of the secluded islands of the Indonesian archipelago triggered our dream,
as it quickly turned into a trash hunt. We love the oceans, mountains, and all of mother
nature’s playgrounds. That’s why we were shocked by the amount of plastic rubbish we
were able to pick up in such short time. “

“So, our quest for alternatives started. Soon we learned about bamboo, with its great characteristics,
functionality, and biodegradable composition. Not much later, The Bamboo Brush Society was founded.

We want to build a society of optimistic people. People who share similar values and interests, and inspire
each other to find alternatives for products and materials that damage this beautiful planet!”


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If you’d like to become a part of the plastic project, check out what we offer companies HERE