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The reason why I set up this business and my motivation for doing so is because I am a keen scuba diver and marine life enthusiast. I have been scuba diver for a number of years and like all, I was shocked and disgusted at what BLUE PLANET discovered when they were making their new series. So I decided I needed to do my bit and help out. I also have my own marine fish tank that I take care of and is a hobby of mine which I take great enjoyment out of. Another motive for me to set up this business was watching the film Chasing Corals where they highlight the real need to do something now about the dying coral reefs and show what the repercussions could be of doing nothing about it.


We promise to donate 2.5% of our total sales profits to organisations that help restore our world back to its natural state, before human intervention. We have carefully hand selected our products to make sure it matches what we stand for as a business and our vision. Our vision is to make a Plastic free product that does not waiver in quality and has no burden on our earth, changing the way the clothing industry uses Plastics.


All our clothing is 100% Organic Cotton made in a factory powered by renewable energy from Solar panels and wind farms. A little known fact is that micro fibres of Plastics in clothing can be washed into the sea by simply washing our clothes in the washing machine. By using Zero Plastic Clothing we negate this problem. We also don’t use normal ink on our T-shirts as this has plastics in it. We use a water based ink that gives us the same quality without having to use any Plastic. We also don’t use any Plastic in our shipping methods to our customers.