Marine Activists Roadmap

It is more important than ever to become an activist on behalf of our oceans. We are mere generations away from losing the environment we love, but by making a couple of simple changes everyday, you can be an activist without marching, chaining yourself to railings or burning items of underwear.


Where does your power for change lie? We all have a power point, a sphere of influence, big or small and we can make a change right now.

  • If you own a business, look at how you can remove some plastic from it, and how you operate to reduce it.
  • If you work for a large company, look at ways in which you can affect change from within, even if it’s getting them to ditch single use cups at the water cooler.
  • Got a huge social media following? Or you’re a journalist? Use that power.
  • Just like the rest of us and are just surviving to get to your next surf? Then it’s simple, cut out single use plastic, recycle, do a 2 Minute Beach Clean when you surf, and help educate as many people as possible, we all live in a bit of a bubble and the reality is most people don’t know the scale of the issue, or that they can help.


Get political, it’s way easier than you think. Every time you go to the beach and make a statement by doing your 2 minute beachclean, throw it up on social media and tag your local MP, they are all on there, and your local authority, and every company you’ve picked something up from.

If you want to take it further, write to your local MP, they are there to serve, and the more of us who contact our local representative, the more they have to start doing something about it.

Finally back Surfers Against Sewage, they are the longest standing pressure group in the UK when it comes to surfing and the marine environment and are regularly lobbying for change, so back them.

Finally help us, we have a far reaching educational campaign which now spans the globe, we provide resources for hundreds of schools, which are updated daily, so teachers and everyday people can have access to what is really going on. It’s a form of citizen science, let by