Make A Change

So what can you do to help stop the blight of Marine Litter?

  1. Reduce your use of plastic. It’s easy in some cases, very hard in others, but at the end of the day it is the normal human on the street that will make the biggest difference. It all starts with just thinking about how much we’re using, take your own cup to the coffee shop, refuse things like plastic straws, refill detergents and shampoo instead of buying a new bottle. Do not buy bottled water, apart from being crazy expensive, it is a nightmare for the environment on so many levels, once we all start doing these small things our plastic usage drops considerably. Then start refusing packaging, if we do this on mass, then companies will have to find another way.
  2. Recycle, as you’ll see in our film recycling isn’t always what it seems, but recycle everything you possibly can, these items will be in the earth for millennia potentially so lets reuse and reuse as much as possible.
  3. Pick it up, on the street, in hedgerows and of course on the beach. If you need some inspiration check out – the 2 Minute Beach Clean has reinvigorated the do it yourself mentality which is needed. There are also loads of local groups like The Widemouth Taskforce and The Rame Peninsula group, if there is one near you join it.
  4. Check products for micro plastics, face scrubs, soap, makeup, everything. These micro beads, as they are lab led, are responsible for tonnes of plastic entering the ocean in the UK. Incredibly the US has now banned them, but we really lag behind. Although there is no hard science yet, it is estimated that for every tonne of plastic we pick up off beaches, up to three tonnes of micro plastics enter the water system every day because of these products.
  5. Finally tell people, especially non surfers or ocean fanatics about the problem, a huge percentage of the global population don’t know, and probably don’t realise what is happening, nor do they realise that it’s in their hands to make a change.

If you’d like to help us you can here.