Love and Honor



Thoughtful production & everyday heroes.

At Love & Honor we manufacture carefully. We only produce as many garments as we think we can sell, we work with fair trade factories (mostly in Europe) and all our clothes are made with either organic or regenerated fabrics. We don’t make landfill and we’re not going to stop selling something just because it’s not theoretically the right season.

We have a core selection of items you’ll dress the kids in again and again. We want to make the favourite sweatshirt, the soft old tee that no-one wants to put in the wash, the marcel body with the awesome print you just have to get for your friend’s new baby. Wear them, love them, then pass them on to another little person to enjoy.

We use organic cotton because it’s better for the environment, workers and the consumers – our children and our Good Swimmers swimwear collection is made from regenerated nylon, helping to protect marine life by taking ghost fishing nets out of the oceans.