Want to help?

We are looking for help on a number of different levels. We are building up a resource to help educate the whole human race on what is going on in the ocean. But we’re not a pressure group, we’re not here to hassle government for legislation change, we’re here to make people, no everyone, WANT to protect our oceans, and we’re doing that by getting everyone excited about what we all have out there, for free, to love and enjoy. Check this first, then read on –

The Plastic Project – Part One from Tim Nunn Photography on Vimeo.

So we’re doing this in four ways – 

  1. On this site and in magazine features, and short films and generally sharing epic adventures with an environmental twist in print, film and digitally.
  2. We’re talking to people face to face, in schools, in Universities, at clubs at film festivals, basically anywhere people will listen.
  3. We’re making a long film, travelling from Antarctica to The Arctic visiting remote and not so remote coasts on the way. We’re talking to scientists, activists, recyclers, fishermen and everyone who is connected to the ocean to pul together a real picture, and scoring some hell waves along the way.
  4. We’re building up a huge resource that anyone can use of images and film, primarily aimed at education, plus an open source map of the world.

So how can you help?

Information is key, we want imagery and film to put onto a huge map of the Atlantic, and later the world, to illustrate the problem of marine litter in one place. We’re not looking for scientific studies, just normal people on their local coastline shooting some images of what’s happening in their neck of the woods. This is the ultimate opportunity to use the power of every person in the world to start changing opinions. It’s an issue so vast that it’s a change in everybody’s attitude to plastic and waste in general which harbours the solution, whether that be through individual actions or businesses on a larger scale. Email me with anything – timnunnphoto@gmail.com

An Indian man stands amidst left over eatables and plastic waste, near the Arabian Sea waters at the Juhu Chowpaty in Mumbai.

Secondly we want to come and talk or share our experiences, to a local conservation group or a school, we want to meet people on every level possible. We also want to go into places which don’t have an affinity with the ocean. One of the main issues in the environmental world is we’re all too often preaching to the converted, we want to talk to those who have zero connection with the ocean, or at least think they don’t. So please drop me a line – timnunnphoto@gmail.com.



Thirdly we are a not for profit company, and we rely sponsorship, selling images and the kind donations. We accept any sort of donations, but we suggest just £1-£5 and this helps build and maintain primarily the education resource, and the vast wealth of information we are gathering. We don’t spend any donated/sponsorship money on travel unless it is a specific fundraiser for that, we pay for the travel by selling photos and stories to magazines etc. Unfortunately we don’t offer the journal/book deals anymore, sadly our printer went out of business and whilst we are still honouring all of those, they can’t be joined now I’m afraid. But if you would like to help us you can do so below.

If you are a company and would like to sponsor the project and get access to all the imagery and film and talks, drop me a line – timnunnphoto@gmail.com – a sponsors page will be live tomorrow.

We need help though, our planet needs a hand, we have all this incredible coastline on our doorsteps, surfing and adventure are the most incredible way of seeing and appreciating our ocean, but the reality is I’ve seen remote Arctic beaches change in just a decade, in another they may be completely trashed.

You can simply donate below, or SUBSCRIBE HERE