Inspiration – The Midway Project

I remember first seeing this trailer sat in a coffee shop in Iceland whilst shooting my book Numb. It can’t help but rock you to the core, it’s possibly the saddest and most important piece of work going on in the world right now. Marine litter is something that we all have the power to do something about, and the fact that we can see so graphically what it is doing to other living creatures on this planet is surely reason never to throw plastic away again. What really shocked me after seeing this film was that when I started to open my eyes, i realised the same problem was all around me.


Old litter even arouses Daily Mails attention


Big up SAS for getting this onto the Daily Mail site, dodgy newspaper they be but they have a giant reach and if they can make one middle aged housewife think about throwing plastic away then it’s victory for the ocean.


Stoked that the boys at Lunasurf are backing The Plastic Project, a lot of the initial missions were in conjunction with shooting their wetsuits, so it’s only natural that they have backed this mission around the North Atlantic. Looking forward to keeping warm in Greenland and Northern Russia in their suits, check them out here –

Here’s Batty in a 4mm, in Iceland!