What We Achieved in 2017

Rather than making sweeping revelations of change and resolutions for 2018, here’s what we did in 2017.

2017 Was a huge year for the Plastic Project. Not only did plastic enter the mainstream consciousness, but we got to play a big part in helping it get there.

So here are the highs  so you can all see exactly where the Plastic Project is at, plus the bits we have to step up on this year

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Following the next Phase


It’s been a bit quiet here for three reasons. The first and most important is we have just finished our High School Resource programme. We are making available every image, every story, every stat, every film and every piece of evidence we have collected around plastic, so every school on the planet can have free access to it, and can use it in classes to hopefully spark more interest in our dying oceans. We’ve already made it into the lives of half a million pupils incredibly, all helping to change the way young people approach the issue of plastic pollution and use.

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TPP Vol One – Norway|France|Scotland

Everyone who has recently ordered or has supported the plastic project over the last three years by ordering one, or all six of the plastic project books will have now received the first volume or will have it on their door in the next few days. There are an extra 100 individual books or sets of six available, you can hit the link below and they will be heading out in the next fortnight, there is only one of me so I’ll get them done asap. Each of the six books is hard backed and 96 pages long.

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What Is The Plastic Project

If we can inspire people and make them love the ocean and our planet through surfing and adventure, then we can start a movement that will change the world.

I spent 10 years trying to get to the remotest coastlines in the north Atlantic and Pacific looking for surf. After years of living the ‘dream’ of Hawaii, Indonesia, Australia and France every year I wanted to find some solitude and a genuine wilderness frontier. Along with a couple of friends Ian Battrick and Timmy Turner, we headed up through Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Iceland and Canada searching for the ultimate surfing wilderness. We found it in British Columbia, wrote a book and started to do talks and slideshows to promote it.


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