Dispatches From A Plastic Planet Book


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Dispatches From A Plastic Planet is a 196 page coffee table book, it is a follow up to my first book Numb, it is about surf adventure through Iceland, Norway, England, Scotland, Ireland and France, but it has an environmental twist, highlighting the issues these areas face, and accompanies the film by the same name. If you love surf and adventure you’ll love it, if you want to help the environment you’ll love it too.

Dispatches From A Plastic Planet is the second instalment. I couldn’t call it Numb 2, it’s more than an adventure now, it’s an adventure with purpose, and whilst the stories grow, the message has had to change slightly. I for one can’t keep shooting all of these incredible places without adding something about the environment.


book from The Plastic Project on Vimeo.

It covers the Lofoten Islands in northern Norway, heaving slabs in ireland, an archive of England which is incredible in its self, pumping France, some absolute perfection in Scotland and off the map adventure in Iceland. The imagery is incredible, the tales ridiculous and the environmental message essential.

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Any questions drop me a line, technically speaking the book it 192 pages of full colour surf photography and stories, measuring in at a pleasing 25x20cm with hard cover and dust jacket.

The Chapters

There are six chapters, each about the same length –



The Lofoten Islands are probably one of the most photogenic places on the planet. We travelled here at the end of the winter and was our first trip in 2015 with Aussie Micah Lester. He had some incredible point breaks to himself, a left we surfed in the coldest conditions I have ever been in, and right that Micah compared to Burleigh. We explored other beaches, found the incredible trash cabin from North of The Sun and sadly a fair bit of plastic as well. If you’d like to get a taster, have a watch of the film below –





I have been going to Scotland for years, it’s fair to say I love the place, the people and the environment. It’s one of the rawest stretches of coastline for me on Earth, and the waves, on rare occasions it becomes a perfect wave rich playground. The chapter features and ecclectic mix of surfers, Chris Noble, Mark Boyd, Ian Battrick, Micah lester, Nelson Cloarec and Adrian Fernandez De Valderama is some epic conditions.



You will not see so many epic shots of England in one place as here. This is the one chapter that was pulled mostly from my archive of images and it is epic. Conrwall, Devon and The North East of England as good as they get. Thundering barrels from Porthleven, to the biggest most perfect ever Cribbar to North Conrwall to the reefs of Yorkshire. Some real characters riding them as well, Skindog at perfect Porthleven, Reubyn Ash in North Cornwall and Eugene Tollemache on some of the biggest coldest waves in the North Sea. The tales around the waves in England are second to none, from snow enforced diversions in Yorkshire to hurricane swells on the Cribbar.



Ireland didn’t make it in Numb, partly because when I spent huge amounts of time there in the 90s I was filming not shooting. But the return was immense, there are some older shots, but most of the chapter is filled with one absolutely epic trip with locals Conor Maguire, Gearoid Mcdaid, Peter Conroy, Aussie charger Russell Bierke, Frenchman Nelson Cloarec and Spaniard Adrian Fernandez de Valderama, suring one crazy crazy slab. It also features Noah Lane and Ciaran Haresnape on slightly less crazy waves. It is a journey to the very edge of Europe.



It’s where the plastic project began, and this adventure is straight out of feral living in the cold. It’s a solo mission with Ian Battrick, if you don’t know him, you wont believe what he is paddeling out in alone, if you do know him, you’ll realise it is perfectly standard for one of the purest wandering surfers on the planet. It’s a cold mission into the semi known, and some hefty slabs as well, with a mix of locals and Norwegians. There is also the environmental angle, and you won’t believe where we found plastic.



You know that beachbreak paradise, classic sand bottomed pits in the sunshine, air ramps, epic lineups and the worst plastic problem in Europe? You may not expect that last statement but whilst the French chapter rounds off the book with some of the most epic shots I have ever taken it also has two pages that should serve as a warning to the rest of Europe.

The Surfers – Micah Lester, Ian Battrick, John John Florence, Nelson Cloarec, Kelly Slater,  Adrian Fernandez De Valderama, Tom Butler, Conor Maguire, Oli Adams, Reuben Ash, Josh Ask, Peter Conroy, Gearoid McDaid, Toby Atkins. Eugen Tollemache, Scott, Russell Bierke, Sandy, Chris Noble, Cieran Haresnape,