Agents For Change


The Plastic Project is simple, we are a bunch of regular people who love to surf, snowboard, skate and explore our wild places. We are also a group of professional/semi professional or amateur photographers, writers, filmmakers and athletes who want to use the fact we go to these wild places to help raise awareness and educate the world as to the massive problem we face.

We don’t need to mount expeditions, we go to the wildest coastlines and wildernesses already. It’s just that once in a while we turn our cameras to the issues these places face, and not just the beauty to inspire.

Every individual plays an active role, every time they travel, if they come across an issue they film or shoot it, whether that be with a Red Cam or an iPhone, we then make this evidence available to the world. The planets population need to see the state of the world to believe it, and we’re on the front line to show them.

Our People In The Field, we’ll be adding a new page every day (Click on them for their own page) –

Roger Sharp – Editor of Carve Magazine

Gabe Davies – Head of Surf for Europe, Patagonia

Noah Lane – Pro Surfer, Ireland

Conor Maguire – Heavy Wave Master, Ireland

Andrew Cotton – Big Wave Surfer

Alex Dick Reed – Founder of The Surfer’s Path, BVI

Alan Van Gyson – Photographer, South Africa

Richard Lynch – Cinematographer, Sri Lanka/Wales

James Bowden – Photographer, Cornwall

Demi Taylor – Director of The London Surf Film Festival, Cornwall

Micah Lester – Pro Surfer, Hawaii

Nelson Cloarec – Pro Surfer, France

Adrian Fernandez De Valdarama – Pro Surfer, Spain

Russell Bierke – Heavy Water Hellman, Australia

Mike Lay – Pro Surfer, UK

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