We are all at heart adventurers, whether we believe it or not we have an instinct to explore.

That may be down to your local beach or to the remotest corners of the planet. But whilst these journeys used to be simply for the pleasure of discovery, they are now so much more. We are not only explorers of our world, but now also have to become custodians of it, we all have a job to do on every level.

That may be an adventure to a beach you don’t normally go to, or to the other side of the world, whichever, whenever you go, we want to hear about. We want epic inspirational tales, but we also want the bad bits documented, the rubbish, the pollution, because if people don’t know it’s there, we can’t do anything about it.

As we build up a bigger and bigger educational database, we need new adventurers to add their stories, so if you’re a pro or just an amateur photographer or explorer drop us a line, and lets start changing the world one adventure at a time .

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