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The last month has been the most significant for a long while with TPP. Apart from health revelations, which are always a reminder to eat healthy and live life to the full, The Plastic Project is about to be a part of big shift.

This week we send out the last of our books, thank you to everyone for the patience in waiting for them, it’s been a great journey making them, but as we’ve created more stories and images we’ve kept wanting to add them. But now it is finished, it is now sold out.


The book is now a line in the sand on this first big phase of The Plastic Project. So what have achieved?

When we started plastic in the ocean was a known, but not widely known, and using my own and loads of other surf photographers images we trod a path from small events to schools to film festivals, talking and showing images and film. I’m not sure how many people we have stood up in front of but, it’s in the tens of thousands.

We ended up on TV, standing as examples for scientists to illustrate the problem in tangible terms, and crucially we created a free educational resource which has now reached three and half million students. That resource is without doubt our great achievement, and it will continue to grow, and hopefully we are on the verge of merging it and sharing that resource with several much bigger groups.

Since we started (and we were not the first by any means) the problem has reached national awareness in the UK like no other country thanks to 2 Minute Beach Clean, SAS and Sky Ocean Rescue, globally some countries are close to and exceed where the uK is, but many more are way behind, so the fight has to continue, but we have been toiling with the how?

So we broke down our success, and that is using the surf/adventure angle we have inspired thousands to go out and enjoy the world sustainably and become activists against the creeping death of plastic pollution. We wanted to use this more, not just to address plastic, but as our name suggests we’re kind of backed into a corner on what we cover, so we wanted an alternative.

That is where The Surfer’s Path came in. The much loved title, and one I have a lot of personal history with, was cut down way ahead of time, and deserved a return. It’s philosophy coincide with our own as well, and it made sense that using the path as a vessel for surf, adventure and the environment we could tell a lot of surfing stories that would inspire, and entertain, as well as spreading our wings into every part of environmentalism around our ocean.

So to cut a long story short, The Path is coming back, in film, events and as a very high quality, but sustainable, quarterly journal. You won’t find it on a news stand though, we’re moving with the times and those days are long gone, so stay tuned on that. we’ll have  a new site later this month but in the meantime follow us over on Instagram HERE if you were a subscriber in the past drop us a line – – and we have  something for you, Or you can become part of the movement HERE

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