Sometime in the 90’s myself and friend Ian Battrick spent way too much time living in Bundoran. Every autumn for a couple fo years were spent strolling across fields and surfing and filming waves there. It was never as good as we’d hoped, but it fired up a quest to get out to the remoter corners of the planet, having spent most of our early lives on the standard surfing treadmill of Hawaii, Oz, Indo, France etc.

In the early 2000’s we went to Iceland for the first time, then Norway, a lot of Scotland and eventually through our friend Timmy Turner we got to travel into the Canadian wilderness with the Bruhwiler others, where we lived out of contact with humanity for weeks at a time. Surfing heavy waves, dealing with bears and generally finding out what a real wilderness is.



The end result, totally by accident was a coffee table book called Numb, it is a six year journey through those four countries and the tales and characters that went with it. It all took place long before cold water surfing became a marketing strategy, before pros realised they could go make films in remote places for novelty clicks. It is an underground tale of searching for a bit of solitude.



The original edition sold out, however as we’re working on a couple fo longterm print projects at the moment, we were able to use numb to explore some future possibilities and the result was a run of 50 limited edition copies. Twenty seven of them are already spoken for, but we have 23 more if any one would like one. We’ve kept them close to the original price and it includes postage, so dive in before they are all gone.

You can get one here –



Numb – Hardbacked 208 Pages 30×30 cm

The Original book Numb – Price includes postage anywhere in the world


Tim Nunn

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