The Independents Turning The Tide

We want to use this platform to publicise all the good thats going on. We have spent so much time spreading the negativity about the global destruction of plastic over the last ten years, but over this time there are so many positives, from big and small companies that have made a huge difference. So lets start right here with three independent stores, in key surfing towns, that have got off their sofas and are dealing with plastic head on, they all deserve our support, and in the long run, these are the change makers who will help solve the long term plastic situation.


Screenshot 2019-03-05 at 08.47.13.png

u_rap is one of the first in Cornwall to offer full plastic free/waste free shopping, un_rap has become the go to plastic free shop in Falmouth. It’s situated on Webber Hill just off the moor, bring all your own containers and take home good produce without the rubbish. Find out exactly what they sell, and where to find them HERE

Incredible Bulk


We ran into these guys a little while ago, and we’d certainly say they are the only mobile zero waste shop in Cornwall, and possibly the whole of the UK? It’s a good idea, one of the issue of zero waste shop sis they are at the moment less accessible than standard supermarkets, and especially in rural counties like Cornwall. So these guys decided to bring the chance of bulk zero waste shopping to the customer rather than the other way around, check them out HERE

Almond and Co.

Screenshot 2019-03-05 at 08.57.41.png

The south coast town/conurbation of Bournemouth and Poole incredibly have no dedicated plastic free shop, well until this April. Almond and Co are well into their shop fit, and will be opening at 75 Poole Street in the heart of Westbourne in April. These are a dedicated group of individuals, and their plan for waste free organic shopping is one of the most ambitious and forward thinking waste free shopping experiences coming to the whole country. Be sure to check them out HERE and follow the progress on Instagram


We know there are loads more and will be drip feeding them out to you, chase starts with us, and supporting these places is essential.


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