Are Small Changes Enough?

You have to look at whatever you’re doing analytically at every turn, doesn’t matter what you’re doing if you want to achieve something you’ve just got to be super self critical. One thing that is really clear from being involved in the fight against plastic and by proxy climate change, is that small changes alone are simply not going to be enough. If we’d all started these movements on plastic and climate change thirty years ago, the maybe, but right now, sadly not.

That doesn’t mean your should stop making those small changes, whether that be 2 minute beach cleans or refusing single use plastic, it’s all important, but we have to get bigger and political on this, our lives and futures literally depend on it.

Education is most definitely one way of doing it, the next generation are going to have to change the world, there is no two ways about it, they will suffer more than anyone. So getting the message to them, young creative minds is revolutionary and it is where our focus lies. But we are not a political campaign group, hence why we have got to implore you help groups that are join SAS HERE, or if you’re into snow how about Protect Our Winters.

It’s now at a tipping point, and in the cold harsh light of day, it may be too late but it is worth a bloody good try to save this place.

If you’d like to see what we’re saving grab one of our last books…


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