The House That Trash Built

Seen North of the Sun? If you haven’t then you need to, it’s one of the best surf films of all time here’s the link to the Vimeo on demand page – LINK. Well we hiked into a beach in Arctic Norway where we thought their cabin may have been, but didn’t totally expect it to be. It’s very well sheltered and we didn’t notice it for a couple of hours, but it was pretty epic to see once we found it. Inge Wegge and Jørn Ranum built it out of trash and driftwood they found on the beach and lived in it for a whole winter. That winter they cleared over 2 tonnes of rubbish from this beach.  This is a little vignette is their home, it’s epic and check out their other films as well. This is just a little pre-taster to the latest expedition. Everyone who has pledged thank you so much, you’ll be getting real postcards, prints and exclusive shots and tales in the digital postcard in the next couple of days.

Hobbit home with a view
Hobbit home with a view
Collection of plastic from the beach, and the King and Queen of Norway
A note from the current resident who we did not see
A single emergency Marlboro light
From a stove made from an old oil drum to bunks and ceiling made from driftwood
The sink is genius, half a plastic fuel can
A note from the builders

ns5 ns7 ns8  ns10 ns13


If you’d like to help us you can become a friend or grab a book…

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