TPP Education Resource

Over the last five years we have silently distributed over 1600 images of pollution, surfing and adventure to educational establishments worldwide. Through this we have reached around about 3 million young people, plus a whole load more through talks and films.

This resource is vast, and up until this month has sat on a drop box which people have to drop me a line to get access to. This has worked, and we’ve made inroads into educational institutions from Camborne to China and far beyond. The basis for this resource is photographers, not just me, but every beach, surf, adventure photographer we have been able to find who would help. They have taken images holiday, during their spare time or simply as they have been working. They have then given them to us to help , and increase the size of this free resource.

We charge nothing fo the use of this resource, it is there to help educate the whole planet on to exactly what is going on/wrong, but we have wanted to do two things for a long time.

One is to invite more of you to take part, you can be any level of photographer, and what we want is images of plastic in the environment, not beach cleans, just plastic as it lies, some closeups are OK, but we really want to put it int perspective, so people can see what visual impact it has, check out the two shots below from Chris Burkard in India and Tim Nunn in France for an idea.




The second is to have a completely open resource, that is one. that you don’t have to drop me a line. to have access tom, and you can just pull resources down from. This is a couple of weeks away from reality, and we are really pleased to announce that it is going to be live and free to everyone before the en dow February. You will be Abel to access it through his site and the imagery can be used for educational purposes globally as well as online to help spread the word,

Our ultimate goal is to go from three million students reached to ten million and then beyond, it’s ambitious and we are running on a tight budget but we are going to make it. Thanks to all our sponsors for their support, and all the individuals who have purchased one of our books to help us along the way.

you can still get one below –

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