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We are in the final few days of our fundraising for 2019, we look to raise about five thousand pounds a year to continue with the distribution of our educational resources, and going into schools to talk about the plastic project.

We have an incredible group of sponsors as always, but this year our other way of raising money is by selling around 100 books. We now have about 60 left, and we have also re-released my first book Numb in a larger format with a very limited edition of 50 copies. If you’d like to find out more about these beautiful coffee table books scroll down. You can buy either of them below –




Dispatches From A Plastic Planet – Hardback 25 x 20 cm, 208 pages

204 page hardback book shot in France, England, Ireland, Scotland, Iceland and Norway. Price includes postage WORLDWIDE





Numb – Hardbacked 208 Pages 30×30 cm

The Original book Numb – Price includes postage anywhere in the world






About Dispatches From A Plastic Planet

It is a hardback coffee table book, it has 200 pages of epic photography from award winning photog Tim Nunn. It documents a cold journey through Ireland, England, Norway, Scotland, Iceland and France, with surfers such as Ian Battrick, Russell Bierke, Micah Lester and Alan Stokes.

Not only does it take the reader on a journey to some of northern Europe’s best waves, it also looks into the environmental issues facing these areas as well, specifically with marine plastic. It is a book for anyone interested in surfing, adventure, photography or the environment, and has arguably some of the best shots ever taken in the region. YOU CAN SEE A FULL GALLERY OF DISPATCHES SPREADS HERE


Numb is the original cold water adventure. It’s a feral journey through Iceland, Scotland, Norway and Canada. British photographer Tim Nunn and surfer Ian Battrick spent six years shooting this book and compiling the tales at a time when ‘cold water surfing’ was still just surfing and not a marketing campaign. It includes weeks in the Canadian wilderness, discovering waves in Iceland, epic road trips in Norway and absolutely pumping Scotland. It stars Ian Battrick, Timmy Turner, Raph Bruhwiler, Sepp Bruhwiler, Pete Devries, Chris Noble and many more. It is the forerunner to many a cold water adventure and film. YOU CAN SEE A FULL GALLERY OF NUMB HERE

Tim Nunn

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