Books, Books, Books

We finally have a book for you all. Dispatches From A Plastic Planet will be hitting the road to all those that have ordered already this week and we have a limited number left (about 50 hard/30soft backed) for anyone who would like to get one. It’s a follow up to my first book Numb, a cold adventure through Canada, Norway, Scotland and Iceland with Ian Battrick and Timmy Turner. Dispatches takes off where that one ended and ads Ireland, England and France as well as returning to Iceland, Norway and Scotland. It is a beautiful 204 page phonebook, with short stories and extended captions and a leaning towards the environment as we go.

The book is violable in hard and soft back –



Dispatches From A Plastic Planet – Hardback 25 x 20 cm, 208 pages

204 page hardback book shot in France, England, Ireland, Scotland, Iceland and Norway. Price includes postage WORLDWIDE





We also have Numb for sale, these take about two weeks to deliver as we print on demand, they are a large format 30×30 photo book, hardback only.



Numb – Hardbacked 208 Pages 30×30 cm

The Original book Numb – Price includes postage anywhere in the world



We then have the six volumes, they are different than the main book and are designed for people who may only want one country, or collect a bigger set of six books. They are smaller in dimension 18 cm x 18cm, again hardback, with more images than the chapters from the main book, they cost £19.99 each, or £75 for the full set, and I’ll have the details up later today,

Tim Nunn

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