Print is the perfect antidote to digital

I’m still a really big believer in print, it’s almost like a rebellious counter point to our modern life attached to a device of some sort. It’s why I’m passionate about creating this book. It’s taken a long while, considerably longer than I expected, and has been a rocky road of getting rid of plastic out of the production, and delivery, which has probably put the project back by a solid year. But now it is here, ink is drying, a book is bound and the tales and images can come to life.

Some of you already have an early copy from our run for all pre-orders  (some I know are still waiting), but the bulk of them start heading out next week. So what’s it all about?

It’s six chapters, in full photographic glory of adventures through Norway, Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, England and France. It is a bit of a followup to my first book with Ian Battrick, Numb, same style feral journey, just this time there is a little environmental twist in there. Nothing too heavy, the surf and adventure rule, but we can’t keep enjoying this planet without talking about and raising awareness about its slow demise. Dispatches From A Plastic Planet is the perfect balance, hopefully it will get you excited to explore, to protect and most importantly get you off a screen for a while into some paper based escapism. You can grab a copy below (there are just 100 of each)




Dispatches From A Plastic Planet – Hardback 25 x 20 cm, 208 pages

204 page hardback book shot in France, England, Ireland, Scotland, Iceland and Norway. Price includes postage WORLDWIDE




So what’s/Who is in it?


Norway is on the cover, that’s Aussie/Brit Micah Lester punting into the Arctic sunset on one of my favourite shots. The images and tales are from a three week journey through the islands, discovering isolated coves, perfect points and the environmental issues that plague this Arctic outpost.


Scotland is a real mix of characters, Ian Battrick, Nelson Cloarec, Adrian Fernandez De Valderama, Tom butler, Oli Adams, Scott Rogerson to name but a few. There is Thurso, Tens, Baggies leading the way with a few novelty waves in there as well.

screenshot 2019-01-17 at 23.09.31

England is a little different to the others, it’s around 15 years of shooting, and thus it has probably the best beach break conditions ever shot in England, epic ‘Leven, classic North East, Croyde and a myriad of perfect days across the south west. If you’d like to see how good England gets, this chapter totally shows it off. It features a who’s who of British surfing as well.

screenshot 2019-01-17 at 23.01.16

Ireland, this has some serious heavy slab action in there. What is more it features Russell Bierke one of the best young big wave surfers in the world riding them, it was epic to travel with him, along with local Conor Maguire, Gearoid Mcdaid, Peter Conroy, Nelson Cloarec Adrian Fernandez. There are broken bones, smashed faces, torn ligaments and much more. It’s a tale of one of the wildest waves on the planet.

screenshot 2019-01-21 at 07.11.08

Iceland, the frontier of adventure and searching for waves, remote, cold and wave battered yet still a plastic hell. It’s shocking to get up hear and realise how badly affected such a remote place is.


France, the final stop, and the most polluted beaches in Europe when it comes too rubbish. It’s frightening how bad it is down hear at the heart of the European surf scene after a storm…

I hope this is not only an epic document of surfing, but also the state of our environment at the moment. Thanks for all of the support, the book makes a small profit and all of that goes into our educational work.


Tim Nunn

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