Moments From A Celtic Cove

I used to live almost as close to this place as is possible. It was fickle, the banks were rarely any good, there were loads of closeouts, but every now and then there would be a bomb in the middle of winter that would through something worth shooting. It was always dark, and these shots reflect that. It was always a place of great pollution, pretty much always knew you were going to get ill here, ad still a spot which is prone to storm drain overflow.

WL A4  2
Early days, still on film some 15 years ago. It was always shot on black and white those days, the cove never got much light anyway, and on a stormy day virtually zero. The damp, rain and water cascading down rocks made changing a roll of film a mission. Above Ian Battrick and John Eldridge prepare to paddle out. The two shots below are of Ian Battrick from this day.

WL A4  14

WL A3   5

Ian Battrick, and the first session I ever shot with a digital camera
Ian Battrick and Joyny Fryer facing into the hail


Alan Stokes, late drop to oblivion


Micah Lester a sunny day, on one of two truly rideable set waves the day, Toby Atkins got the other below.


Small days, no barrels, just fun wedges for turns, Micah Lester and below Mitch Corbitt


Mattz Ginman Trout


A from paying the price

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Tim Nunn

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