What We Achieved In 2018

This past year has been intense, at times The Plastic Project has totally consumed my life. I believed right from the start that photography, visual evidence was the answer to reaching billions, and we’re not quite there yet, but we’re picking up a pace. So what have we done?

  • Education. Most of the year has been about developing an easily accessible educational resource that is open to the whole planet. The dream was always that using surf/adventure photographers, we could create a resource, that was constantly updated, and was accessible to every educational establishment on Earth. We set it up in 2017 and reached about 500k students. We made it a lot better, and increased the resource size, we spread the word, and incredibly we have now reached over 3 Million students in Europe, North America, Africa, China, Indonesia and Australia. For 2019 the archive of images will all be web based and not on a drop box, so everybody will have access and we want take that reach up to 10 million +. The archive is gong to be available to all indivduals as well.
  • We have also a little by accident worked with/changed 47 companies attitudes towards plastic packaging. By spreading the word about plastic we have reached into areas which may not have taken notice, and because of that whether it has been replacing a plastic clothing tag with string or a brochure is now sent out in paper and not plastic, they are all small wins.
  • We now have an army of photo activists contributing to the project. Originally it was just pro photographers, but we now have an ever growing band of photo activists, who are contributing to our educational archive, If you’d like to become one of those click HERE
  • We delivered most of the limted edition versions of our book – Dispatches From A Plastic Planet. We are very proud of the coffee table book, and it has taken a long time to pull together, but its not only a look at plastic through England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Iceland and Norway, but also an epic surf adventure. And don’t worry I am aware a few of you haven’t got yours yet due to postage/labelling errors, they will all arrive n the next week or two. KMF_2018_aa_768_525_c1.jpg
  • Our film and exhibition have been incredibly well received and will be properly on the road in 2019. We were fortunate to show it with Otter Surfboards in September, and we’ve been part of The Kendal Mountain Film Festivals activists tour, Patagonia very kindly let us show our shorts before Nevertown on the tour in France, and it has been shown in aid of Sea Shepard in Brighton and SAS in London, as well as showings in Lisbon, Madrid and Sydney. We will be taking it on tour, we didn’t in the autumn because of so many clashes with the Andy Irons movie and Momentum Generation, I was pretty sure given the choice of going to a cinema to watch the greatest surfers to ever live, or me and some fellow activists talk plastic and sleep rough in tunnels,  we knew where most people would go, but we will be coming along soon.

Waterlevel from The Plastic Project on Vimeo.
As always  want to say thank you to everyone who has helped, sponsors and individuals, it’s a tough path, I am on my own, doing what I can between work, to simply try and make a difference using the still and moving image. Nobody makes any money from the project, and any donations or sponsorship goes straight into or educational platform.

We don’t like to take anything away from other charities/not for profits, so we run a very lean ship, it costs under five thousand pounds a year to make everything happen here, but if you would like to help you can become a friend for £4.50 below.




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