The Unseen

So many shots we take go unseen, they either don’t make it to print for one reason or another or a tiny imperfection ruins them along the way, but they all have a little story to tell. So here is four groups of five images, all from Plastic Project missions, each with a tale…

Sunny Days In France

Jobe Harriss, racing a draining Shorey around La Centrale
Pleasure and frustration just feet apart
Joan Duru and a signature backhand hack
Just put yourself here, you’re about to get drained, and your mate has a front row seat
All you have to do is ease on the gas, and you’re making this

Nelson Cloarec In Scotland

This session as small but thick, and Nelson got so many waves.
This is from a sequence that got three cover images, whilst this is not one of the key images, love the anticipation
This just illustrates the insanity of this sort of slab, not very big I know, but nuts never the less
From a photographic point of view this shot is far from perfect, but the thickness and way the water is draining off the reef s worth a look
Deceptively calm


When I first went to the North East from my home in Norfolk in the late eighties we surfed this wave thinking it was another one, we paddled about a mile to get to it, it as so cold, and sketchy, and ay bigger than it looked.
This place as home at the start of The Plastic Project, 98% of the time it as a closeout, but every now and then…
This ‘Cornish Reef’ is as random as it gets  but every so often
The best day I ever saw in the North Sea
The Channel Islands…


I’m always in awe of this place, the wave, the light, the environment, it all conspires to bring out every emotion possible
Even the rideable ones are beautiful
If you haven’t seen Roger Sharp’s film Colosseum, you need to HERE, this is an image from Russell Bierke’s incredible final wave
Total commitment form Russell
Basque charger Adrian already had a fractured ankle at this point, he figured he may as well break it…


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Tim Nunn

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