10 Pieces of Marine Litter a long way from their point of origin

10 Family Circle Biscuits


Who does not like a biscuit assortment at Christmas, I for one go up a wetsuit size purely down to this sort of thing. This box was filled and packaged in Leicestershire, we found it on a beach in The Lofoten Islands, that’s a distance of around 1000 miles give or take. Where it actually entered the ocean, we’ll never know, but it was a long way from its birth place.

9 Fishing Cratehike4

Alliance Fish of Scarborough, pretty straightforward this one, again found in the Lofoten Islands, obviously fell off a fishing vessel at some point in its life and ended up here, in a particularly scenic bay.

8 Carrefour Tag


We think this is probably a label off some bananas although the item code was a little feint. What is for sure it is from French Supermarket giant Carrefour, again probably ended up overboard from a French fishing boat, and drifted its way to Oldshoremore in western Scotland.

7 Idun Ketchupold9Difficult to say which Scandie country this originated from, it’s prolific in all from Iceland to Denmark, this seems to have been bottled just outside Oslo though, again probably dumped from a fishing boat, and ended up at Oldeshoremore on the west coast of Scotland. That’s a good journey from point of origin.

6 Tesco Motor Oil


I didn’t stage this. This can of oil sat proudly in the middle of all this crap at Oldshoremore. We’ve traced this can back to origin probably in the Midlands although there are a couple of plants it could have been made. Nearest Tesco to this beach is a solid three hours away.

5 Mussel Farm Buoyeriboll3

Micah Lester hauling this buoy off the shores of Loch Erribol, this was the least travelled of all the stuff we have found, it came from about two miles up the sea loch, we took it back for them

4 Dried Maxeebl Souphike8

Had a hard time tracking this maker of Russian dried foods, soup and jam, not quite sure where it originated from exactly, possibly St Petersburg, possibly a suburb of Moscow. Whichever it ended up on a beach in the Lofoten Islands.

3 The Pen


United Fisheries Limited, Donegal Road, Killibegs, I’m heading to Ireland soon so I’m going to take it back to them. Most likely it went overboard from a fishing vessel, remarkably it ended up in the Lofoten Islands over a 1000 clicks from its origin, and it still worked.

2 Icelandic Soft Drinktoppur

Found this in a nook just round the corner from Bag Pipe in Scotland, I instantly recognised it as a sugary soft drink from Iceland, produced by Coca Cola, it had come a long way from its point of origin just outside  Reykjavik.

1 The Torch


Not the most awe inspiring shot I have ever posted, but this torch is only sold in the US of A. We found it covered in weed in Arctic Norway. I found out by tracking the serial number and name, and whilst made in China it is specific to one chain store in the US. So made in China, sold in US, ended up on a beach in Norway.

Will have a lot more tracing of products, and talking to the people who made them to hopefully sway them on their attitude towards plastic and non recyclables. As always if you fancy helping us you can do below.




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