Plastic Free Christmas Part 3 – Interiors

After food packaging, stuff for our home is by the the most over packaged things we have in our lives. As we’ve evolved over the last decade, our awareness of over packaging has grown, from computers to cups and saucers. We appreciate that things have to be packaged for protection, but getting rid of plastic as much as possible is not a cute little sales gimmick that ticks the sustainability box, it is a matter of survival for the human race. So for the first of our posts we are checking out our friends at Esker, run by interior stylist Emma, who is developing an interiors store and community inspired by the ocean, but one that is also about total sustainability, and thanks to people like Flexi-Hex, free of all plastic. Here is a taste of their products you can find out more HERE or follow them on Instagram HERE It’s eorth htting the website for the stories alone, if if you’re not interested in buying…

The Scoop Coffee Cup by Jake Boex

Ceramic artist Jake Boex is an ex professional surfer, climate scientist, geologist and practioner of Eastern medicine.

His beautiful ‘scoop’ cups are made from stoneware clay and glazed in an opaque zine-rich mix to a gloss functional finish perfectly suited for domestic use.

Wheel thrown and hand turned these cups blend old and new through method and design; each piece individually made in the present moment, the scoop cups provide space to enjoy carefully crafted coffee.

Buy one HERE


Hand poured Soy candles from The Nomad Society
The Nomad Society range of scented soy wax candles are hand poured in small batches in Hossegor, France. They feature an amber glass jar, twist on black lid and a natural cotton core wick for a cleaner burn. Phthalate free.

All soy wax is 100% from sustainable sources.

Small 120ml, 6cm diameter (approx burn time 20 hours)

Large 500ml, 10.5cm diameter (approx burn time 85 hours)

Buy one HERE


Tim Nunn

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