Plastic Free Christmas – Part One

For the last five years I’ve been trying to eradicate single/short term plastic from my life and my families, and it is quite simply very very hard. So talking about a plastic free Christmas is slightly absurd, but cutting it down to an absolute bare minimum is not. We’ve learnt a lot in the last five years and we want to share some bits with you, not so much the usual list of does and don’t but more of a Christmas gift/shopping guide with a plastic free twist.

Consumerism is the source of our plastic problem, and whilst we all need to consume less, it is totally unrealistic to suddenly all become non-consumers overnight, so the following entries to the blog here are all about cutting down, and making a difference in a realistic way as a pose to eradication.

So we’re going to do 2/3 posts a day, looking at everything from local plastic free food shops to multi national apparel, and we start local…

Plastic free food shopping in Cornwall

Food is the most plastic packaging intensive industry in the world, so we’ll start with ways in Cornwall to shop plastic free this Christmas…

un_rap is Falmouth’s first waste free food shop, you will not find any plastic in here, un-necssacery packaging, just good wholesome food and household items. Like all waste free shops you need to bring your own containers and everything is sold by weight food wise. There is also a full range of environmentally kind cleaning products, washing products like soap nuts (which are epic) as well toilitries.

Un_rap is situated just off the Moor in Falmouth on Webber Hill, if you’re in Falmouth pop down and do as much of your Christmas food shopping there.

Check out there web site HERE and their Instagram HERE


We’ll be adding more shops around the country to shop waste free post by post.

If you’d like to help us here at The Plastic Project with our global educational projects you can below.

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Tim Nunn

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