Plastic Free Christmas – Part 2 – Plastic Free/recycled Hardware

This is a really tricky one in the surf world, pretty much everything we use is derived from from oil, boards, suits, pads, wax, leashes, you name it we use a lot of plastic/oil in our industry. It’s obviously not the same as single use plastic, a good wetsuit can last several years and a much better idea to buy something of real quality which will last, than something cheap, so we’re certainly not suggesting ditching these items completely.

That said there has to be a swing in the direction of greater sustainability and less oil based materials in the future and it’s why we love the following brands and how they are pioneering change within a pretty toxic little world we live in.

Revolwe have been supporters of ours for a while now, and they have especially pushed innovation when it comes to leashes. So much so they also make them for Slater designs as well. They haven’t replaced the standard Polyurethane but they use only recycled Polyurethane and the cuff is Yulex, so it’s as close to perfect as we have at the moment, and as strong as any. other leash. They also have a fine range of Hemp Boardbags as well. Check them out HERE


Butta Wax

These guys span all of the sliding sports, and have been changing the game when it comes to wax. Wax, is very important, but every surf adds a little bit of oil based pollution to the ocean, so the guys at Butta have come up with an eco solution which is changing the game, hit the link to find out more and get a supply for 2019 CLICK HERE


We’ll be dropping some more hardware tomorrow, so check back. If you’d like to help us with our own educational projects you can do so below.

Digital Version – Dispatches From A Plastic Planet

Digital version of our book + a free digital version of Numb as well


Tim Nunn

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