TPP Update

We’ve been a little bit quiet of late, the reason being we’ve been hard at work delivering our educational program, which has now officially reached 2.5 million young people world wide. We now have an incredible resource of images which we are giving away to schools and collages for free, and whilst they have been living on a drop box of late, they will soon all be on this website as well. We’re very proud of this, it’s our own unique angle on the global plastic problem, and the area where we feel we can make a positive difference. Being a voluntary organisation, with no paid staff, and in fact usually just one person running it all means we are prioritising what we can do. So we are winding down our own social media as it takes up huge amount of time, and lets face it there are thousands of instagram accounts about plastic, and focussing on education, and working with partners so they can use the thousands of surf, adventure and plastic shots we have for their own feeds. That way we reach a lot more people and help our friends and sponsors along the way.


So if you have a company or are an individual who’d lie to become a sponsor and thus gain access to literally thousands of images for your brand/self drop us a line.

Book wise, most have it now and thanks for the epic feedback, those that haven’t or they have gone astray you will have a copy in the next two weeks. If you’d like one, sadly they are now all gone .

Thanks for everyones support as always, plastic in the ocean gets worse every day, so we got to keep working.

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