Spot Check – Lofoten

It sits high in the Norwegian Arctic, an archipelago pointing out towards the North Atlantic, rugged and resolute, and amongst the most spectacular island chains on Earth. It bares the brunt of both North Atlantic and Arctic swell, and is a harsh place to carve out an existence. Yet it is home to some epic surf, a booming fishing industry and it’s location also means it is at the end of the line when it comes to plastic.

The problem that the Lofoten chain has is that is literally the end of the line. The North Atlantic current ends up here, low pressure systems ends up here and there are eve currents coming from northern Russia that end up here. It is a convergence of water, and thus it is a place of incredible beauty covered in rubbish.

Even the remotest beaches are strewn with trash, if you haven’t seen the film North Of The Sun, I suggest you get on Vimeo on demand and watch it, the below cabin is built on one of these remote beaches, made entirely of stuff washed up on it. The guys in the film also removed 3.5 tonnes from the beach as well over a long harsh winter.

It’s an incredible example of one of the world’s remotest coastlines that has been decimated by rubbish, and that rubbish has often travelled thousands of miles to get there. Whilst there we made Cold Reality with director Mike Cunliffe.


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