How it all began – Numb

Why did you start shooting plastic? The simple answer is it all happened accidentally whilst shooting in remote corners of Iceland, Norway, Scotland and Canada. My mate Ian Battrick and myself were pretty much just a couple of feral travellers who just loved a bit of solitude, and we didn’t mind the cold. Over a period of five or six years we ended up going on a series of adventures, not really planning on doing anything with them beyond magazine article, but these soon escalated.

We met a guy from California called Timmy Turner, if you don’t know him google second thoughts, and he started to travel with us, and we ended up telling his story as well. It also opened doors to us to the Wild West coast of British Columbia in Canada, where we ended up living in the wilderness out of contact with civilisation for weeks and in Ian’s case months. it all made for a set of epic tales, and all before cold water surfing became a thing, and we wrapped them all up in a book called Numb. That sold out, but you can get the digital version below.

Whilst shooting all of this, I was realising that there was more and more plastic everywhere we went, and I started talking about it, and looking back through images, and building up a resource and a timeline. If it wasn’t for mine and Ian’s adventures I’d have never done the plastic project, and especially as we were living rough everywhere, you notice so much more when you are out in the environment 24/7, and that is what happened. The amount of rubbish increased, I realised that I was on the frontline and The Plastic Project was born. You have to read Numb to appreciate why and how we ended up in these wild places.


Tim Nunn

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