What’s The Tour Looking Like?

What’s the point in doing something normal? We started touring our film and book, but it wasn’t enough, you can see so many different film tours right now and festivals as well.

What we wanted to do was present an experience which encapsulated what we have made over the last ten years, and that is an incredible photographic exhibition, short films which are diverse and too much to bring together into one feature and talks/slideshows, and what its more we can change them between events. We don’t want to be another film, we want to showcase the variety of people who are involved with the project and the different mediums, still and moving pictures and written word, it can’t be encapsulated on a screen, a Vimeo channel or film festival alone, and whilst our resources live on line for all to access, it’s by gathering people together where we have a chance to make a real impact.


So we’ve been tweaking a few things, showing some shorts, showing some longs, doing some exhibitions and talks, and we now have what we think is the ultimate event. It takes a bit of space, the exhibition is large format, sits outside where we can, or inside a big space, it’s totally mobile, and will give you a lot more to think about than a simple film alone.

So we are on the hunt for venues, inside and out, anyone who would like to help us host one anywhere in the world, and any sponsors who would like to get involved. We want to make them free, and we’d really like to take them beyond the usual crowd, so we’re open to suggestions.

We have locations now sorted in – London, Bournemouth, St Agnes and Suffolk – These are all able to accommodate the full event, and we have space in Hossegor, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara all locked in. We’ll take this as far as we can afford it, and have been testing it for the last couple fo months. Drop me a line if you’d like to suggest somewhere, or if you would like to help.

We’re planning on running it for the next year.

Waterlevel from The Plastic Project on Vimeo.


If you’d like to help us by joining the clan and have the chance of sinning some gear sign up as a friend or supporter below thank you!

You can also get a book HERE

Tim Nunn

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