Spot Check – Thurso

Continuing on our spot check theme, here’s Thurso, or more accurately the whole of the North Coast of Scotland. it’s a place close to my heart, and an area which started my interest in serious environmental problems with the Nuke station up here. When it comes to plastic though it is pretty interesting, as on the surface it often appears pristine. The main breaks of Thurso and Brims, often only have the odd bit of fishing gear on them, but start to look in some corners, and there is rubbish everywhere, especially anywhere that faces due west.


The reason for this is pretty simple, both prevailing winds and currents brush straight past the north coast of Scotland, carrying everything with them north west, Orkney and Shetland both suffer far worse because of this. It’s also pretty likely that there is a lot more plastic on the ocean floor up here as well, as it travels further a large percentage has already sank, which is out of sight, out of mind but killing the ecosystem.

What it all means is that if you’re a visiting surfer to the area, you may think, the sin’t so bad up here, but just keep an eye in those sheltered corners and you’ll find that it is as bad as anywhere else on the planet.


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