TPP Autumn Update

We’ve stopped doing the newsletters, I know what it’s like we get so bombarded that none get opened even if they do have good stuff in them. So we’re going to be giving updates on how the project is going to all our supporters here.

Thankyou to everyone who has supported the project, it is a lonely path doing this on my own sometimes but we’re really starting to reach a lot of people, and especially those we haven’t been able to in the past.
Firstly on the educational front, our resources have now been used/seen by over 2 million pupils world wide. We’re just getting ready to launch a more straightforward web archive of images as well to make it even easier for educational establishments to have access to images and information. Up until now we have only accepted contributions from photographers we know in the surf and adventure world, but we are now inviting fellow photo activists to come and join in as well to increase the archive.
This is allowing us to build up full photographic timelines for places, so anyone can see how plastic and other pollutants have developed over decades, which is an invaluable visual resource, not just for the classroom, but for wider campaigning as well. All of this is freely available to any other campaigning groups, researchers, media and the general public.
Beyond the educational database we have also been touring Dispatches From A Plastic Planet. We decided to do this in a different way, we have spent a lot of time in rooms preaching to the converted, and so we partnered with some festivals/events/shops across Europe in an attempt to formulate an experience that would engage the people who are currently not.
We have been to Portugal, Spain, here in France, Belgium and Italy so far, and have developed a format where we show a series of shorts, just one short sometimes, and do slideshows and exhibitions. This has been massively challenging as in a lot of cases English has not been the audiences first language, and surfing has not always been their main sport. However it has worked, and the reception and feedback and engagement has exceeded expectations. We now have a movement of skaters in Bilbao who are working on cleaning the streets, to stop rubbish getting to the ocean for example. We have a very active arm of the plastic project in Portugal, and we will be working more with them closely this winter.
We are now tweaking this format to take it on tour around the UK, which will be a combo of photographic exhibition and film evening, and we’re obviously keen to partner up with you guys in anyway we can. This is our next big activation on the ground, and it will deliver the project so far to places where we wouldn’t normally be able to reach. I’ll give you some updates on locations over the next month, but we are open to suggestions, but I will say it is more than film night.
In the field we have a new angle on the project and we are working specifically with a group of pro big wave surfers across the globe. It’s no coincidence that big wave spots and pollution hotspots go hand in hand, the energy required for both to make land fall is totally linked, and as you’ll see as we progress through this winter and into next Southern Hemisphere winter, the combined wave/pollution imagery is pretty intense.
If anyone would like to get more involved in the project please drop me a line – – we are always looking for photo activists.
The first part of our film is available here as well –

Waterlevel from The Plastic Project on Vimeo.


If you’d like to help us you can become a friend or supporter below, or if you’re a company drop me a line.

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