Spot Check – Hossegor

A big part of what we are doing is trying to make our own industry, and tourism industry realise that we all need to start tackling plastic pollution very quickly before it starts to have a detrimental affect on local economies. Yes the marine eco system and wildlife is the most important thing here, there is no question about that, but if a dying ocean isn’t enough on its own, what about a resource such as the beach and the waves, being unusable?

it may sound extreme but we’re going to go to all the major surf spots in Europe and check them out for rubbish, starting with what is arguably the worst, and most important for the surf industry, the beaches around Hossegor.

One thing to be clear, this isn’t a blame and shame deal, the Bay of Biscay has at its heart a floating gyre of rubbish that has built up over decades, decades of poor rubbish management across Europe, it’s just that the Les Landes coastline of France has it regurgitated onto it after every single storm. Here’s the evidence…


This is going to be a part of our touring exhibition and films which covers Morocco, Portugal, Spain, France, Ireland, England, Scotland, Norway and Iceland. We’ll be releasing the UK tour shortly, but if you’d like to help us and become a friend or supporter you can below.

Tim Nunn

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