Water Photography Weekends

After the success of our standard photo workshops and multiple requests, we’re going to start to do focussed water photography workshops. They are going to be based in Cornwall and France, and run over two days. Unlike the workshops we have done before though they are totally focussed on water photography, and we’ll help you gain the knowledge required to start to get into the water to shoot surfing, waves or just beautiful seascapes.


We have water housings for all types of cameras, so you don’t need to use your own, we can also provide cameras as well, so it’s a great chance to get to grips with housings before you go and spend money on one, as they are a solid investment.

Experience wise, you don’t need any, being able to swim is essential though, although we will be concentrating on techniques and equipment a lot, so you will never asked to swim out in thumping surf, only in conditions you are comfortable, and we will be able to pick and choose locations so the surf isn’t too big.


We will also be working with pro surfers on each workshop, so you get to work out how you shoot with them, as well as just shooting waves/seascapes.

The workshops are open to everyone with an interest in this sort of photography, whether you are looking at it as a hobby, or wanting to shoot prints for your wall, or as a full time career, it’s all about gaining the experience required to become a better photographer.

I have been shooting int he water for the last 25 years, both film and stills and it’s all about sharing that knowledge.

There are 15 places in total, each costs £100. Email me for details – timnunnphoto@gmail.com


Waterlevel from The Plastic Project on Vimeo.

Tim Nunn

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