Winter Is Coming


For the last two winters we had an idea of time lapsing some beaches from France to Ireland, Cornwall, Scotland and Iceland to see exactly what comes ashore during the winter storms. It proved a little ambitious, the gear to do it didn’t really exist to start with, and it wasn’t robust enough.

We started off with 3 Canon 20ds in converted Pelican cases with timers. They were sealed, had enough energy for a month, and were setup to take a picture ever five minutes during daylight. We had two in Scotland and one in Cornwall.

The Cornish one failed in three days, the two Scottish ones lasted a little over a week, but turned up little of great use.


The following winter (last winter), we tried with a single sony A6000 in an Aquatech housing, left for a one week period in France, it worked, but we had to save up for the gear and it was the end of the winter by the time we had it rolling. Now we are on course to have three units up and running over the winter, we have a couple of dedicated individuals to act as guardians in some very remote outposts. We will also be visiting them regularly to see how they are getting on and shoot some stuff around the areas as well.

As far as we know this hasn’t been attempted on this scale, and the hope is we can produce a short film next spring with some unique visual evidence of what is going on out there when it comes to plastic coming ashore.

I’ll be posting a film about how we have set these units up in the next few weeks and we’ll have the first footage from the one here in France. We are also going to be posting the exact weather conditions and surf conditions around the cameras as well, so we can really get an idea of how and why this rubbish is coming ashore.


We’re trying to raise a little sponsorship to help, you can donate a pound below, or grab one of the last books.

We’re also looking for any schools who web interested to monitor the progress to get in touch and we will send you weekly updates about the plastic coming ashore, and weather and surf and the environment in general in some of Europe’s wildest outposts.



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