Iceland and The Faroe Islands


Next May we are doing three expeditions to Iceland, Greenland and The Faroe Islands. Primarily they are concerned with looking at the environmental impact of plastic on the environment there after the North Atlantic winter, but we also have spaces for two people to come along and join us on the adventure.

You can come along as a photographer, and we will run a full photo workshop as we go, you can come along as a keen environmentalist who would like to get involved, or you can come along as a surfer and get some waves and have an adventure along the way. Or you can be a mix of all of them, it is open to anyone who would like an adventure and wants to get involved with what we do here.


The two weeks are the final opportunities to join us on our sponsored trips, both only cost £250, which is pretty incredible and that includes all travel, food and accommodation.

The Iceland trip is very mobile and we’ll be staying in a mixture of cabins and guest houses as we cover a large percentage of the island in a week long period. The Faroe trip is all based out of one comfortable house in Torshavn the capital, and we head out to different areas of the islands every day. Both are incredible experiences, and we are fortunate to be able to offer them at such low cost.

If you’d like to know more please drop me a line –

We now have two extra weeks in September, one to Iceland and one to Faroe, places are limited. We also have a week in October in Iceland (20-27th) epic time to see the Aurora.

Tim Nunn

One thought on “Iceland and The Faroe Islands

  1. Hi Tim,

    Could you please send me details of your trip to the Faroe Islands in September, including dates, departure point, etc?

    Many thanks,

    Anne Marie

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