Adventure/Photo Activists Required


The last five years especially here at the plastic project have been about creating a resource of images from across the planet, that is accessible to any school, college or individual that would like them. As well as shooting thousands of images ourselves we have also drawn in some of the best surf and adventure photographers from around the world. The idea being that at any given time one of us is on a remote stretch of coastline that no one else visits, we are beyond where science goes, and beyond where anyone but surf photographers and adventurers go.


That puts us in a unique position to document the extent of pollution, mainly plastic, but we go beyond that, across the planet. We have created a resource that has now been used and seen by over one million students. Now we want to go bigger, we want everyone on the planet to see what we are doing and create a constantly evolving resource which monitors the health of our coastlines, and therefor our oceans. This is where you come in.


Up until now I’ve used my network of professional contacts, but we want to broaden our reach, we want to get everyone involved, we can all be photographic activists. So what we want is people to submit shots, that you are happy for us to use within our resource. We want shots like these, rubbish in the coastal environment, it’s critical that it is not beach cleans, we want to show what coastlines are really like, and we want to cover the whole planet.

If you’d like to get involved drop me a line –


Waterlevel from The Plastic Project on Vimeo.

As always if you’d like a book or to help hit the following links –

Become A Friend Of The Plastic Project

Help us take the the plastic project on tour, just a pound will help us get the film and exhibition out to as many people as possible.



Dispatches From A Plastic Planet – softback



We have a limited edition of 25 our original book Numb, it’s bigger than the first 30×30 hardback coffee table book. Before Cold Water surfing was a ‘thing’ Ian Battrick, photographer Tim Nunn and Timmy Turner, went on a feral cold water adventure into what was then the total unknown, not much money, just a lust for solitude. There are only 50 of this first run, we are selling them at cost price plus postage, I get a lot of enquiries about them so have decided to do a mini re-print to see if anyone would like one. We will also give away a print with each one as well as them being signed and numbered. If they are popular, we’ll print more… Full description - Six years of travel, searching, cold water surfing & adventure in one photographic travelogue. Surfer Ian Battrick and photographer Tim Nunn have spent months in some of the wilder places in the Northern Hemisphere and this is their story in 208 pages of rich photography. From dealing with bears in the wilderness of Canada to volcanic eruptions in Iceland, driving for days in Norway to surfing heavy slabs in Scotland, this book is a window into some of the less explored corners of the surfing world. It is a book designed to inspire you to break free of the confines of everyday life and have your own adventure. To get out and see the planet for the incredible place its is, whether that be for a weekend, a year or a lifetime.” Numb came about quite organically as Ian Battrick and myself started travelling looking for some solitude at the colder ends of the planet. We never inted to produce a book, but as the adventures unfolded we wanted to put our experiences into something a little more permanent. Something that told the experiences in more depth than a magazine article or an internet feature, so we went out on a limb and created Numb. A full on photobook, it’s been a mission, it’s totally self funded and we’ve produced a book to the highest possible quality.


Tim Nunn

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