Dredging In Hossegor


This is a shot of the saltwater lake in Hossegor, If you’ve been here you know what a beautiful place it is, full of sups, oyster beds and children playing in the summer. It holds a dark secret though in the form of around 30k tonnes of silt/sand which harbours a mix of chemicals and polluted sludge from years of sedimentation, and of course amongst that will inevitably a fair bit of plastic.


So to stop the lake silting up and becoming an ecological disaster it has been decided to start dredging it, after the WSL event has been through town. Now this in its self isn’t such a bad thing, however the costs of removing the sludge to somewhere where it can do no more harm (a giant hole in the ground somewhere?) is too expensive, so it is going to be piped to Santocha, one of the beaches in Capbreton and literally dumped there. Where it will be washed out into the ocean to hopefully dilute the nasty stuff. However we all know that doesn’t work that well, and as a result it sounds like the beaches around Capbreton are likely to be closed for up to six months, and who knows what is going to come out.

We’ll find out more about this in the coming week, and next weekend there is a protest which we’ll be at in Capbreton. The issue here is, we know this is going to pollute the ocean, we know the ocean is already on its knees, yet it’s still going to be done.

Micah Lester just down the beach from where the gunge is going to be dumped.

I found like to help us you can below. And stay tuned for more on this, our next Dispatch film is from Hossegor.

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