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Everyone bangs on about education being the key, but it’s true. We can have deposit return systems, more recycling facilities, circular economies and the like but if every person on the planet isn’t made aware of the issue in the first place, and the fact that we can all as individuals make a difference then it’s all of limited use.

The key with TPP is education at all levels, whether it is reaching a fully grown adult, or a primary school pupil, it’s what we’re all about. We have the key to reaching these people as well using surf/adventure/environment route, it appeals to an inner explorer in all of us.

So we are dong this on three levels –

  1. Is to reach out to the world using our network of photographer, filmmakers, surfers and outdoor adventurers to create generally available content documenting the global problem.
  2. Through primary/elementary school projects, teaming up with educational groups and giving them access to the resources to create material relevant to their curriculums,
  3. The provide a resource archive for any school or college, so they can dip into and use in combination with their courses

All of this we want to deliver for free, information is the most important resource we can give anyone, and it shouldn’t come with a price tag when it comes to saving our oceans. So we are doing a little fund raising to make the third part especially important,

Up until now I have been communicating with educational authorities and schools directly, and giving them links to resources using a dropbox account. What we are working on now is making it an open part of this site. So anyone, anywhere in the world can come onto this site for free and download up to date images from around the world to illustrate the issues were are facing. It’s not just me shooting, we have over a hundred photographers from the surfing and adventure world contributing, with the likes of Brian Nevins and Chris Burkard in the states, to Sharpy and myself in Europe.

To finish this resource off we were looking to raise £6k, and we are down to the last £2,500 thanks to sponsors, donations and book sales. We have no other overheads apart from this, no one works here, all we want to do is use the fact that we have people on every coastline on Earth every day to help educate the entire population to the issue. This is all going to go live in October, and we have already reached over 1 million students, using this free and open resource we want to reach 10 million in the next year. If you would like to help you can donate below, or get a book, or if you are a potential sponsor drop me a line. Once we hit the target thats it, we don’t want anymore, no one works here so we don’t have any real overheads other than putting this resource in to practice, thanks in advance, and scroll down to see some of the stuff we have done already, as well as a video of how it all started.











Here are two of the finalists for this years Lit Film Festival for 2017, organised by the inspirational folk at A Tale Unfolds. They got us and CNN together and then got primary schools across the UK using our footage and stories as a them to learn about ocean plastic.




How The Plastic Project Began

Waterlevel from The Plastic Project on Vimeo.


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