Hossegor – from storm to aftermath

One storm, one dump of rubbish, on one of the world’s best beach breaks. From waves of plastic on New Years Day to a beach full of the stuff three days later, doesn’t get much worse than this in Europe.

If you’re a school and would like to use any images or film as part of class resources, drop us a line – timnunnphoto@gmail.com


January Storm – Hossegor from The Plastic Project on Vimeo.


Help us take The Plastic Project film on tour , just a pound from everyone who visits this site will be enough to get us round Ireland, UK, France and Germany, or grab a book.

Dispatches From A Plastic Planet – Hardbacked

Dispatches From A Plastic Planet Hardback Book – Price includes postage, two tickets to film showing and a print



Help us take the the plastic project on tour, just a pound will help us get the film and exhibition out to as many people as possible.




1 Comment

  1. Clive Rodell says:

    That’s crazy. Such a mess.

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