Dispatches From A Plastic Planet On Tour

The Plastic Project started off purely as a side passion around a decade ago. You can’t keep going to all these incredible places and not document what’s going wrong. What was going wrong was mostly plastic, and it pisses me off, I’ve always wanted to inspire people to travel, break out of the mundane, just for the odd weekend, or weeks of the year, but we have to do more than that now. Us surfers and photogs are on the very frontline as well, and I had a hunch we could use the beauty of our world to inspire others to think again about plastic. Hence TPP was born, it’s been a passion project, which has grown into an educational program which has reached over a million students world wide. We now have a film, book and and exhibition and we want to take it on a tour, to the people who want to see it. We’re not talking tens of thousands of pounds, we just want to raise a couple of thousand to nail it and cover expenses between work. So if you’d like to see it happen you can buy a book, by a digital book or donate a pound, whatever is huge for us and you’ll all get an invite to a showing. Thankyou, and lets change the whole world’s attitude to plastic.


We have 250 books to sell ( 244 now), selling 200 that will pay for us to take the the film on tour in the UK, Ireland and Continental Europe and Iceland, as well as that we will also be able to buy the 2 Minute Beach Clean 2 boards for beaches, if we get all 250 sold.

If you don’t want to buy a book you can help by donating on our go fund me HERE


book from The Plastic Project on Vimeo.

This is where we are definitely coming so far, I’ll post dates up next week –

Hossegor – Venue to be revealed shortly

Newquay – Watershed Surf Shop

Bristol – Venue revealed shortly

London – Venue revealed shortly

Woodbridge – Riverside Cinema

Bournemouth – Venue revealed shortly

We are working on another 50 or so stops, and it looks almost certain that Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, New York, Dublin, Falmouth, Exeter, Bude, Polzeath, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Berlin and Bundoran, we’re just trying to raise the finances to make those happen.

I’ve had a gigantic reaction to this, and pretty overwhelmed so we’re going to make this happen. We’ve had requests to bring film and exhibition to Chile, LA, Ireland, NYC, Croatia, South Africa, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland, France and the UK. So we’re going to do it in a couple of stages.





Firstly we want to hear from people where you’d like us to come, this is what we have heard and firmed up so far –

Proposed Tour in four parts –

St Ives – Falmouth – Newquay – Polzeath – Bude – Braunton – Exeter – Bristol

Manchester – Glasgow – Edinburgh

Woodbridge – London – Brighton – Bournemouth

Hossegor – Amsterdam – Berlin – Stolkholm – Reykjavik – New York

Hossegor – we’re kicking it all off here, with a an evening of free beer, a big out door expo and film showing, that will be early august.

We are then going to do – Suffolk, London, Brighton, Bournemouth, Newquay, Bude, Polzeath, St Merryn and North Devon, we also have Edinburgh and Glasgow confirmed as well.

Apart from that it is an open book, so please drop me a line, we want as many people as possible to see the film on a big screen and see the exhibition and the short talk. It looks likely we will take it to Holland, Germany and Sweden as well budget dependent. We then also want to be able to give it to schools to show as well, we will eventually limited release online, however it’s a crowded space and I know from working in the dingy world of social media and marketing I know letting a film go free online often results in little real impact.



The film is as you’d expect dispatches from around the world from surfers, photographers ad film makers as well as the story of my own journey, it is around 25 minutes long, so very watchable and has much surfing and adventure in it as it does plastic.

Having worked so hard we now want to try and make the money to take this far and wide, it’s a pretty simple equation the more we can put into it, the more people will get to see it.

You can also become a stake holder here as an individual, or as a company and become a TPP Partner, which means you can carry the logo and have a say in what we do, it’s not a profit making excercise, it is purely to take this on the road and get as many people as possible to see it – become a partner HERE

There will be more ways to help or get involved tomorrow as well. If you’re a company and would like to sponsor us, drop me a line – timnunnphoto@gmail.com



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