Long Weekend Environmental Workshops


The weeklong photo workshops/environmental workshops have been a massive success and we’re just closing them off. We had a lot of people asking for shorter more environmentally orientated workshops, so we have got together with everyone behind the plastic project to offer some over the weekend.


There are four in total, two in Cornwall, one in Scotland and one in France. They are very much focussed on the ocean environment first and foremost with surfing and photography in there as well, and like the other weeklong workshops you can choose exactly how you want to take each area.

Primarily they are designed to get you involved hands on in the project, whether it be shooting, or helping to document plastic issues in the three countries over the autumn and winter. Each one costs £150 but includes transport and accommodation, plus breakfast and all elements of the workshop as well. It’s a great way to firstly get involved directly with hands on action in the field, secondly to help us develop our plastic project materials for schools, to learn more about the photography and get a little surf on the side, plus have a fun weekend in an epic location.


We will have top level surfers on hand to shoot, and also different scientists and activists along from every region to give some unique insights, we’ll also be looking at some of the ways the surf industry is trying to change the ways it uses plastics and petrochemicals in general.


If you’d like to know more just drop me a line – timnunnphoto@gmail.com

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